At Goya Writer’s Workshop, we provide a free edits/critiques for those who want to share their work, but are uncomfortable doing so in the setting of group discussions. We will assign a volunteer editor to your piece (right now, unfortunately our team consists of two). Our editing service will provide roughly the same benefits as our workshop, but we always strongly encourage all to join the digital workshop, because you can always help others improve their work.

In order to receive our editing services, you have to be a member of Goya Young Writer’s Workshop. See the about page for the benefits (and no risks) of becoming a member. If you have joined and are already a member, all you will need to do is send an email to our workshop,, with the subject titled “Peer Edits”, and we will give you feedback as soon as possible. If you have not received any comments or advice after four days, please send us an email alerting us of this problem.

If you wish to be a volunteer editor, please refer to the Volunteer page for more information.