How Goya Young Writers Workshop Began

the parasol  by goya

the parasol by goya

As they progressed in their writing careers, Emma realized that a great number of amazing writers out in the world are unable to attend writing workshops, due to lack of resources or other conflicts. She wondered what the best way would be to solve this problem. She decided on a digital workshop that would be easy to use and participate in (those 23 years old and younger, that is). But it would be difficult to manage a whole workshop that included people all around the world on her own, so she asked Eleanor to become a co-founder of this workshop. Eleanor quickly agreed, being a writer that has also gone through the struggle of not having anyone to critique her work. She realized the magnitude of difference when one receives feedback from another person, and they worked quickly to start the workshop. But they had to decide what would become the name of the workshop, who was worthy to represent their purpose. They decided on the famous Spanish painter Goya, who was sometimes known as the father of modern art, an artist that challenged and critiqued issues and conflicts in their society. They believed he was strong enough to represent their purpose, to help young writers challenge themselves and others in their work, leading to the birth of the Goya Young Writers Workshop.